Saturday, January 9, 2010

7 & 8 Jan: Reflection (Camp)

I have gone to one or two camps,
but this is the first time i do all the activities.
Although i felt homesick sometimes,
i enjoyed myself.

I had learnt to:
1.Think positively
2. Communicate well
3. Work in a team
4. Respect others

1. If we think positively,
we can do more than we imagine.
(Build bridges beyond boundaries)

2. Communication is very important.
If we don't communicate well,
our ideas and thoughts
can't be shared with others.

3. Two is better than one.
So, if we work in a team,
we will surely succeed.
(What's gonna work, teamwork.....)

4. We should respect others,
so that they will respect us.

I wish i would try the Nite Hike again,
as it was a new experience to go hiking at night
and i can't go at any time i like.

I would to change my attitude of
being shy and keep quit
and learn to speak up for myself.

It was a fun to have some time
with my new friends.